March 14, 2010




March 13, 2010

Richie Ditta

So here’s yet another person I had the pleasure of meeting in Japan. I hate to use a cliche like “old school” but this cat is. I haven’t seen Richie in awhile but I got to chat with him a bit about this photo. The year was 95′ and Richie was a tender young 21. It was his first winter on a track bike and he had just gotten that Carhartt jumpsuit. He was living in Alex Badiaks apartment right over the Stomp theater on St Marks with Squid’s brother James and a few other heads. It was just before the big Giulianni cleanup so the city was still grimy though not as bad as in years prior. “We used to kick it in Washington Square Park and watch Dave Chapelle do his comedy routine when the weather was nicer.” “We’d hang out in Tompkins after work and drink Colt 45 and smoke blunts. I’d just gotten my Kamikaze track frame from Tim SLack and was skidding all over NYC. Damn those were the days.”


March 13, 2010

My friend Pai will be in town soon as she is in this show. I haven’t seen her in 3 years at this point. She was incredibly helpful when we were in Japan. She found us our hotel rooms, made sure we didn’t get lost, and generally just made sure we were having a good time at all times. I can’t wait to see her.

Geez and I in Osaka

March 5, 2010

Geez and I

Here’s a shot that Nish took with my camera. It’s Geez and I on our first morning in Osaka. We’d had an intense week in Tokyo and it was the first real 3 man mission we took. We spent the morning skating around Osaka getting lost and having a blast. We hit a bunch of spots had a great time and somehow managed to run late for the MASH premiere. This was shot the day I crashed my Bridgestone. That sucked but I wouldn’t trade a new frame for the memories. I first met Geez through Nish. He’s always been super chill and more than willing to hook me up be it boards, t-shirts, beanies, or even software. Solid cat. Team Zissou!

CMWC Guatemala

March 5, 2010


March 5, 2010

The homie German just sent me this. Makes me want to skateboard again.

Crazy crack head

So I was riding the G train home one night and there was some crazy 45 minute delay. I got tired of sitting there waiting so I went to check it out. It turns out this crackhead had a rag soaked in chicken blood and was claiming she had gotten her head smashed in the door. She was demanding medical assistance and had wrung out the chicken blood all over the train car. The G train sucks at the best of times so needless to say that at 3 am I was getting pissed that she was holding us up. At least I got some pictures.

oh shit! pt 2

March 4, 2010

Ice Throne

March 4, 2010

Where doeth the Wildman LIveth???

Photo by: Willmore.

Mike Hernandez

Here’s a shot of Mike sitting in the window of our hotel room in Shibuya. Mike’s an ill skater, got a mean wheelie, and is a NYC firefighter. 3 check marks in the respectable column. The whole time we were in Tokyo all he wanted to eat was burgers. I was thinking c’mon man we’re in Japan let’s eat some Japanese food. The thing is I laughed so hard every time he said ” These are some tasty burgers!” That it made it worth it. Now I can’t say for sure but someone was stealing my socks on the trip. I brought 2 new 12 packs of socks. I kept coming out of the shower to put on new socks and finding a dirty albeit brand new pair of socks rolled into a pair in my pack of new socks. I don’t roll my socks together. My money is on Herne for being the sock burglar.