Monstertrack XI

March 20, 2010

Super Ted and Dirt

Super Ted got nekkid at the pre-party.

Massan & Dirt


The Championship bag.

Victor shot this. It’s probably the closest I will ever come to owning one.

Lil Trudy


Loop wins best outfit Mase approves.

This kit was bananas..


Chances are Jayski is saying something that you’d laugh at.

Critical mass

200 cyclists take over a car lane on the Williamsburg bridge. This was the highlight of the day for me.


I’ve known Tone for about 10 years now. NEVER seen him without his bike…NEVER.

Bang up lock job

When in NYC never lock you’re bike like this. Notice the lack of sign at the top of the pole. That shit will disappear.

Top Dogs

Horrible picture of the final 5…


One Response to “Monstertrack XI”

  1. gearcrisis said

    I’ll be posting a more detailed text piece involving this weekend and all it included. Update soon..

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